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If you have got any apps at google play store then App Store Optimization (ASO) is must for you. If you manage to get good rankings in Google play store, it could bring you more income with less investment.

Why is App store Optimization important?

ASO involves steps to make your app rank better and get more popular in the play store. Its very similar to SEO, but it does have its specifics.

There are some factors that are more or less universally agreed upon as factors with huge or at least some importance. These factors are discussed below.

1. Keywords

keywords are a key factor for good rankings at Google Play Store. For truth’s sake, it needs to be mentioned there are ASO experts who dispute the huge role of keywords and place more weight on other factors, such as reviews and downloads. However, it’s hard to believe that properly placed keywords don’t matter, so even if you are not absolutely convinced about the ranking role of keywords, don’t totally neglect them.

2. Reviews and Ratings

Apps with more and favorable reviews and better rankings rank higher for the same keyword. The reason why reviews and ratings have such a big role is simple ‐ they show how your users view your app. Therefore, it makes sense to try to get better reviews and ratings.

3. App Downloads and Installs

In order to ensure more app downloads and installs, you need to actively promote your app offstore. Active promotion on social networks, such as G+, Facebook, Twitter, etc., as well as on forums for mobile apps, can drive lots of traffic to your app and affect the number of downloads and installs in a favorable way.

4. Good Quality Screenshots

Quality screenshots might not be directly related to better rankings, but once your app is discovered, you don’t want your users to go away with bad-looking screenshots. Take the time and effort to make crisp screenshots. When users can clearly see the screens of your app and these screens contain the functionality they are looking for, they are more likely to download and install the app. As already explained, more downloads and installs lead to better rankings.

5. Getting Backlinks

Getting backlinks to your app page helps a lot. Of course, you need quality links from reputable sources. It’s better to get one single link from an A list site where your app is featured, than dozens of backlinks from Z list sites.

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